Shockwave Jujitsu is the brainchild of Terry Tatum, a 3rd Dan Jujitsu Instructor and mixed martial arts (MMA) coach.

His vision was for a close-quarters fighting art that combined traditional Japanese Jujitsu with Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) groundwork techniques and the best bits of other fighting styles and martial arts.

And so, Shockwave Jujitsu was established to offer self-defence classes to people from all walks of life, at their own pace.

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Shockwave Jujitsu offers a refined Jujitsu syllabus tweaked to produce highly adaptive responses to dynamic threats that may confront you in the modern world.

Like any effective, reality-based self-defence system, our syllabus rests upon the following four foundational sets of skills:

Standup Striking

Standup / Striking

You'll learn to remain calm under the pressure of an advancing assailant, using punches, kicks and blocks to unsettle and unbalance your attacker as you position yourself for a fight-ending move.

Chokes Locks Throws Escapes

Chokes, Locks, Throws, Escapes

Extending the unbalancing skills you've learned from standup, you'll develop instinctive responses to close-quarter attacks, learning to adjust your techniques to work on assailants of varying sizes.

Knife and Weapons Defence

Knife & Weapons Defence

For situations where you can't just run away from an armed attack, you'll learn how to avoid taking damage as you work to subdue your assailant with a proportionate level of intensity and finality.

Groundwork Grappling

Ground Work / Grappling

Most prolonged fights will end up on the ground. Beginning with carefully controlled drills, you'll develop techniques to decisively incapacitate your assailant whether you're on top and on your back.

Full Syllabus

Class Schedule

Day Time Location Price
Thursdays 19:00 – 20:00 Blackwell Academy Martial Arts Centre, Ipswich £7
Sundays 11:00 – 13:00 Blackwell Academy Martial Arts Centre, Ipswich £7

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