Things they don’t usually teach you

We discuss the physical, physiological and psychological processes that occur before, during, and after an altercation.
You will be drilled in situational awareness, and be better able to avoid potential confrontations before they occur.
We’ll consider how your physiological state changes as adrenaline dumps into your blood stream, and your natural tendency might be to forget all of your training!
We prepare you for real-life situations, including dealing with multiple assailants, handling blunt trauma weapons attacks, defending against sharp-edged weapons attacks, and surviving encounters where your assailant is in possession of a firearm.
We examine the after effects of a confrontation, which may include physical and psychological healing, dealing with guilt, and other long-term repercussions.

In short, Shockwave Jujitsu isn’t just about teaching you how to fight, it’s about teaching you how to survive in the modern world.

We would love to give you a demonstration so you can decide for yourself if you think Shockwave Jujitsu would be a good fit for your needs.

Come on down and try us out to see for yourself why Shockwave Jujitsu is the leading Jujitsu and self-defence class in the Ipswich area.