Traditional Jujitsu tweaked for the modern world

We teach the traditional Jujitsu styles of ancient Japan, but we also demonstrate proven techniques and tweaks that really do work in the modern world.

Shockwave Jujitsu is the perfect fit for you if:

 You want to learn how to defend yourself from physical attacks, against single and multiple assailants
 You want to be confident you could defend yourself or your loved ones against an armed assailant
 You want to learn modern close-quarters combat techniques that have been proven to work in the real-world
 You want to play a part in keeping the true spirit and techniques of traditional Jujitsu alive for future generations
 You want to have fun, make friends, and improve your health and confidence
 The bottom line is this: At Shockwave Jujitsu, we teach self-defense that WORKS!

Sure, we grade our students in Jujitsu, and you are expected to learn the techniques to acceptable levels to earn your belts, but we go much further…